Manufacturer and Provider
Of Custom Process Equipment

Process Components, a division of Enerfab, is leading the food / beverage, chemical, industrial, and power industries in the supply of parts for repairs and replacements of existing equipment and machined components. The level of excellence and execution is demonstrated by the large number of products and designs that Process Components has supplied throughout the world. These form the core of our kettle, manway, machining, fabrication, and spare parts business. 


Enerfab’s aseptic technology ensures end-product sterility and safety. Our Enerfab guarantee promises to work with you for the projects complete life cycle, from start to finish. Our Aseptic Shutdown Kits contain:

  • Viton and silicone gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Filters
  • Sight glasses


Gaskets are extremely crucial to the containment of your tank, reactor, and piping. We stock replacement gaskets in L and U shapes (available in Nitrile, White, and Black Natural Rubber) that provide lasting durability and clean-ability.

Hamilton Kettles

Established in 1876, Hamilton Kettles offers a complete line of standard steam jacketed kettles, mix cookers and custom-fabricated cooking vessels. Enerfab’s Process Components Group is the exclusive supplier of replacement and repair parts for this product line.


The surface of your tank between tank and filling medium is of prime importance. Enerfab can handle your lining repair with our LASTIGLAS™ Munkadur Repair Kit that fulfills requirements in corrosion and hygienic prevention.


Enerfab manufactures high grade stainless steel manways and access ports for sale and use in the tank fabrication markets. Enerfab manways are offered in a variety of styles and sizes to meet specifications, including elliptical and round manways, and high-pressure and sanitary manways. All manways can be furnished with a variety of gasket material.

Custom Request

Enerfab’s innovative engineering team works with our highly skilled machinists to solve the most complex problems. We’ve designed our 400,000 sq/ft job shop to handle all CNC and machining capabilities that specifically meet your parts needs and ensure consistency of quality for your overall project.